Education Pipeline Award

About the Education Pipeline Award

Award deadline extended to May 15, 2015

The State Bar of California Board of Trustees established the Education Pipeline Award in 2008 to recognize outstanding efforts of law-related educational programs that train and support students who are interested in the judicial system and careers in the law. The recipient is honored during a presentation at the Education Pipeline Award reception at the State Bar's Annual Meeting.

Past recipients

2014 California JusticeCorps
        King Hall Outreach Program (KHOP)

2013 Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Crawford Legal Institute Mentorship Bond Program (CLIMB)
          San Diego
        Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) Educational Partnerships

2012 Law Fellows Program at UCLA School of Law Los Angeles

2011 Center for Youth Development through Law Berkeley

2010 Deer Valley High School Law Academy

2009 Pacific McGeorge Education Pipeline Initiative

Nomination process

Each year, the State Bar solicits nominations for the Education Pipeline Award from across California. All submissions are reviewed by the State Bar's Council on Access & Fairness, which provides recommendations to the Board of Trustees. See the 2015 Award Guidelines and Nomination Form to find out more about the nomination process. Contact Patricia Lee at 415-538-2240 for more information.