Board of Trustees

David PasternakThe State Bar’s governing board, the Board of Trustees, meets approximately eight times a year to consider organizational, policy and regulatory matters.

The board is made up of 19 trustees, including:

  • Six lawyer members elected from districts based on California’s six appellate court districts
  • Five lawyer members appointed by the California Supreme Court
  • Two lawyer members appointed by the Legislature, one by the Senate Committee on Rules and one by the Speaker of the Assembly
  • Six “public” or non-lawyer members, four appointed by the governor, one by the Senate Committee on Rules and one by the Speaker of the Assembly.
  • A president may continue to serve an extra year if his or her term as one of the appointed or elected members has expired. He or she would become the 20th board member.

The 2016-17 board currently has 16 members, including President Jim Fox, who was appointed to the board in 2014 by the state Supreme Court.

Each meeting is open to the public except for closed sessions that are allowed by law. Agendas for the open and closed sessions are posted on the website. The State Bar's open meeting rules are similar to rules governing California's public agencies, the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act (Govt. Code Sections 11120, et seq.) and the Brown Act (Govt. Code Sections 54950, et seq.).

Meeting Agendas –
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Agendas for meetings of the Board of Trustees of the State Bar of California and committees of the board, including the Governance in the Public Interest Task Force, are posted and available through links from the State Bar’s website. You may subscribe (or unsubscribe) to an e-mail list to receive notice of when agendas and any available related materials have been posted.

Occasionally, items and related materials may be added to or removed from the board and committee agendas. While we will do our best to keep subscribers apprised of such changes, the most up-to-date version of board and/or committee agendas and materials can always be found on the Board of Trustees Meetings page.


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