2012 Board of Trustees election

R. Konrad MooreR. Konrad Moore of Bakersfield
Admitted to practice law in California: December 16, 1991
Public disciplinary history: None

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The Bar’s Fifth District encompasses the heart of the Central Valley. We live in Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto and dozens of similarly regular cities and towns. Meanwhile, State Bar officials are ensconced in Los Angeles and San Francisco, two of the wealthiest real estate markets in California. Once a year, the Bar sends out a seemingly impenetrable and unquestionably over-priced fee statement. Don’t want to involuntarily donate to one of the Bar’s preferred causes? Double check your statement.

More to the point, what has the Bar done for you, and why can't they do it for much less money while based outside of California's richest cities? Indeed, given advances in technology, why does the Bar require offices in both Los Angeles and San Francisco? I believe the status quo substantially under serves members’ interests.

In my view, the Bar represents an overpriced admissions monitor and -- from a disciplinary perspective -- a bully. If privileged to serve, my promise is to work to slash fees. Further, I’ll ensure Bar administrators comprehend their duty to serve you, its members. Respectfully, it is high time the Bar understand that just as we are committed to serving our clients, the Bar’s principal obligation and duty is to serve us.

Regarding my qualifications, I work with the outstanding attorneys and staff at the Kern County Public Defender’s Office, where I serve as the chief assistant. Please write me at if you have any questions. I greatly appreciate your consideration.

R. Konrad Moore
Office of the Public Defender
1315 Truxtun Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 868-4799
Fax: (661) 868-4785

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