2013 Board of Trustees Election

Joanna Mendoza

City: Granite Bay

Joanne MendozaAdmitted to practice law in California: Dec. 4, 1990
Public disciplinary history: None
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Candidate Statement

It is an honor to be a candidate for the District 3 seat on the Board of Trustees. I believe I am the most qualified and best candidate for the position for several reasons: 1) Through years of volunteer experience I have come to know and understand how the State Bar operates and functions; 2) my willingness to take on leadership positions within the State Bar and working with its executives and Board members means I understand the role of the Board of Trustees and many of the issues facing the Board; and 3) altogether this experience allows me to step into the trustee role as an effective and dynamic leader for District 3 within the State Bar organization.

Over the next few years the Board of Trustees will be faced with several important issues which are within its legislative mandate of protecting the public through the licensing, regulating and disciplining of attorneys within California. Some recent issues include the consideration of a “limited-practice licensing program” for non-lawyers, adding a practical skills training and pro bono work requirement for law students, and expanding the MCLE requirements for practicing attorneys. I know and understand these issues.

The trustees are given the responsibility of determining whether such proposals achieve the goal of protecting the public and to ensure that existing systems and programs are still achieving that goal. I understand and appreciate that role, while at the same time I can appreciate the role that an elected representative must serve for her constituency.

As your representative, I will serve as the voice of District 3 on these issues and many others. In this regard it is important for you to understand that my experience as a leader within the State Bar organization over the past ten years will serve District 3 well. My leadership roles have included the chair of the IP Law Section in 2008, co-chair of the Council of State Bar Sections in 2012, and serving on the Board of Trustee’s Task Force on Sections since 2011. Over the past few years I have been working with leaders of every specialty law section of the State Bar.

As a result of my years of volunteer service, I have gone through the process of learning how the State Bar operates and how to be effective within the organization. I have seen others go through exactly the same difficult learning process, and I know that it can easily take one to two years to really understand the State Bar and how to be truly an effective leader within the organization (like any agency or business). The trustee position is for a three-year term, and you do not want your elected representative spending one to two years just learning about the position and how to be effective within the organization. I will be an effective and dynamic leader for our District as soon as I am sworn into the position.

For these reasons, I ask for your support.

(Deemed Elected)
Joanna Mendoza
Law Offices of Joanna R. Mendoza
PO Box 2593
Granite Bay, CA 95746
Phone:  916-781-7600