2014 Board of Trustees Election

Candidate for District 6

Janet Lee Brewer

City: Palo Alto

Janet Brewer Admitted to practice law in California: June 28, 1977
Public disciplinary history: None
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Candidate Statement

It's an honor to be a candidate for District 6 of the State Bar of California Board of Trustees and to ask for your vote. I see it as my personal responsibility to inspire respect for the legal profession and foster enhanced public confidence in the bar.

MISSION: The State Bar faces a number of substantive challenges in the coming years, including issues of improving public protection and access to legal services, attorney conduct, and enhancing support for attorneys experiencing professional stress. I am a strong proponent of continuing legal education to make sure that lawyers’ skills are up to date through increased interaction between veteran attorneys and new attorneys utilizing standardized mentoring programs, and through assessing pre-admission competency.

EXPERIENCE: I've been a sole practitioner for the past 22 years and am certified as a specialist in estate and trust law. Before founding my estate-planning practice I worked as an “in house” corporate attorney for a number of publicly traded firms. I've been designated as a "Northern California Super Lawyer" (2007 - 2014).

DIVERSITY: California's Bar is the largest in the US, and California is one of the most diverse states in the US. This diversity is a critical focus for our state. I have been committed to providing access to legal services for non-English speakers since I was in law school, where I participated in a legal internship program with MALDEF.

PASSION/COMMITMENT: The current job market for recent law school graduates is weak. Because these graduates also have large student loans, more of them are opening their own legal practices immediately after passing the bar. Often, they're not fully prepared to provide competent legal services to the public. Instead of “limited licensing” options for those who haven't attended law school, I'd recommend a focus on increasing the skills and expertise of law school graduates who have already demonstrated core legal knowledge in passing the bar, and teaching them how to manage a legal practice and mature into competent practitioners.

LEADERSHIP: In my capacity as a member of the executive committee of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Section and in other leadership and legal advocacy roles, I've demonstrated a commitment to communication (open-minded listening, clarity, concision, empathy & respect) and leadership (decision making, planning, vision, strategy, relationships, authenticity & courage).

As your representative on the board, I will maintain the dignity of the legal profession and the mission of the bar. I ask for your support and look forward to your vote.

Janet Lee Brewer
Law Office of Janet L. Brewer
2501 Park Blvd. Suite 100
Palo Alto, CA 94306
E-mail: hiteklawyr@aol.com

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