2014 Board of Trustees Election

Candidate for District 2

Jeffrey P. Lustman

City: Los Angeles

Admitted to practice law in California: Dec. 13, 1995
Public disciplinary history: Sept. 21, 2006 Public reproval with/duties
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Candidate Statement


The bar has been ripping people off for years in State Bar Court. The bar not only violates federal due process by failing to allow jury trials in State Bar Court, it violates California Constitution Article 1, Section 16 (right to jury trial) and California Business and Professions Code 6085(e) (allowing rights in State Bar Court). It takes a crooked State Bar and crooked California Supreme Court to ignore these rights, and they managed to do it. I am one of their many victims, as I was disciplined after I relied on information given to me by the bar's own Ethics Hotline. And were you aware that county judges for years accepted illegal payments from the county, with the County winning a suspicious number of those cases before the judges? Ever hear of the bar -- the same bar that requires you to take ethics courses -- taking a stand against what could be considered mass bribery? If elected, I will advocate:

1. Having a 4-person jury system in State Bar Court.  We need neutral people with no financial interest in the cases.

2. No more charging for discipline. It has corrupted the bar and California Supreme Court.

3. Any discipline monetary charges requires proof, not a simple bill that can go to over $18,000. Without a single neutral person. Bunch of crooks.

4. At least one Commission on Judicial Performance member should come from the bar.

5. The bar should work with the commission against dishonest judges.
6. Change in the rules to specifically allow criticism of judges.

7. Getting rid of MCLE. The internet was not available for research and ordering material when the MCLE system was started. Attorneys can do their own legal research without this intrusion. The majority of California attorneys have taken seminars they do not want or need, just for credits. If mandatory, it should only be for new attorneys. The bar can contract with West Publishing or elsewhere for annual books on legislation, with bar members paying a reasonable fee. This would save time and money.

8. Court call should be optional, with standard three-way calling allowed. Court Call can be an unnecessary expense.

9. People will be able to contact me at Jeffreylustman@yahoo.com.
If elected, I will work to expose bar/bench corruption.  See Jeffreylustman.com

Jeffrey P. Lustman
P.O. Box 413
Los Angeles, CA 90078
E-mail:  jefflustman@yahoo.com