2014 Board of Trustees Election

Candidate for District 6

Roger A. Royse

City: Palo Alto

Roger Royse Admitted to practice law in California: June 5,1991
Public disciplinary history: None
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Candidate Statement

The Board of Trustees is charged with seeing that the executive functions of the State Bar are carried out in accordance with its mission of public protection and the betterment of the profession. As a member of a policymaking organization, I believe that my 30 years of legal experience in California and other states as well as my activities on behalf of local bar, the ABA, and charitable organizations gives me a broad view of the importance of defining the interaction of the legal profession with the general public. As a member of a policy implementing organization, I believe that my experience building and managing a mid-size law firm will be useful in getting things done. Finally, I believe that the legal profession is undergoing major changes to its business model and major assaults to the professional aspects on the practice of law through new technologies, new business models and changing laws. I have written, lectured and blogged extensively about the new legal paradigm and I believe the State Bar must now meet the challenges of defining the lawyer’s role in the new economy, especially here in California where we stand at the leading edge of changes to our profession.

The State Bar serves the public, its member attorneys and the judicial system. The State Bar’s highest priority is public protection and that priority is challenged by technology, new models for the delivery of legal services and a changing world economy. For example, non-lawyers and even legal “robots” can now deliver legal services with very little oversight from any regulatory agency. Multidisciplinary practice has again emerged as a competing paradigm to conventional lawyering, with all of its attendant conflicts and ethical issues. Finally, lawyers in California now find themselves evaluated against and engaged in commerce with other states and countries that may or may not share the views of the State Bar. These and other changes in the marketplace will continue to require State Bar awareness and consideration.

I am seeking a position on the Board of Trustees to help promote the interests of the State Bar in view of a radically changing legal landscape and to help the State Bar lead the way in adapting to the new legal paradigms.

Roger A. Royse
Royse Law Firm
1717 Embarcadero Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303
E-mail: rroyse@rroyselaw.com

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