RFP, RFI, or IFB Deadline Attachments, Bid Worksheets, Q&A
Admissions Information Management System April 28, 2017 Attachment A: Itemized Cost Proposal; Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire; Attachment C: Accessibility Compliance Matrix; Attachment D: Concept of Operations; Attachment E: Concept of Operations Requirements Compliance; Attachment F: Requirements Gaps and Exceptions; Attachment G: Service Requirements; Attachment H: Functional Guidelines; Attachment I: Definition of Phases; Attachment J: Technical Requirements Compliance Matrix; Q&A: 3-10-17; Q&A: 4-4-17
Sections Government Affairs & Legislative Representation Feb. 3, 2017 Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire;
Admission Wall Certificates Jan. 13, 2017 Attachment A: Example Wall Certification; Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire
Government Affairs & Legislative Representation Jan. 13, 2017 Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire;
State Bar District Elections Dec. 16, 2016 Attachment A: Itemized Cost Revenue Proposal; Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire; Attachment C: Accessibility Compliance Matrix; Exhibit 1: Board of Trustees Election Rules
Network Analysis & Security Assessment Nov. 18, 2016 Attachment B: Vendor History Questionnaire; Addendum 1; Q&A: 11-08-16; Q&A: 11-15-16

NOTE: Documents posted on this page may be updated or amended before the submission deadline. Before submitting a proposal, please check for any modifications to the document.

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Doing Business with the State Bar

 The State Bar of California is a public corporation established by statute in 1927 and by the California Constitution as a judicial branch agency.

As with any corporation, the State Bar purchases a wide range of goods and services, periodically issuing Requests for Proposals (RFP), Invitations for Bids (IFB), Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Quotation (RFQ).

Generally, an RFP is issued for goods and services, while an IFB is used for the purchase of goods only. An RFI may be sought when more information from interested parties is needed to determine the scope and/or basis of a potential RFP, RFQ or IFB in the future.

Purchases may include items such as information and communication technology products, consulting services, printing services and materials or services and labor in managing the State Bar's real property.

In most circumstances, the vendor of any State Bar purchase exceeding $50,000 must be determined by competitive bid.

RFPs and IFBs are posted on the State Bar's website for the convenience of potential vendors.

Some general State Bar rules about bidding and contracting include:

  • No competitive bidding document may be drafted in a manner that limits bidding to any one bidder.
  • Bids may not be split to avoid the competitive bidding process.
  • Vendors and their subcontractors are prohibited from unlawfully discriminating against any employee.

The RFP or IFB constitutes a formal notice that bids are being accepted by the State Bar. The notice usually contains a description of the goods and services to be provided, as well as instructions about the bidding process, important dates and required contract terms.

Potential vendors should read the RFP or IFB carefully to ensure that they are able to:

  • offer goods and services requested
  • comply with all bidding formalities and deadlines
  • understand and agree with required contract terms

With an IFB, generally the lowest cost bid is accepted. With an RFP, cost is just one element considered. Each RFP contains a statement of the factors to be evaluated and the importance allocated to each.

Contact Information

For additional information, contact Procurement Coordinator Keith Jenkins at 415-538-2229.