Contact: Laura Ernde 


San Francisco, April 26, 2013 – Attorneys interested in giving back to the community are invited to apply for vacancies on four legal services boards by May 24. The boards of directors of the California Indian Service and California Rural Legal Assistance are each seeking two new members. One position is open on the Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Society of Orange County and Community Legal Services in Southeast Los Angeles County, and one on the Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.

  • California Indian Legal Services:  A nonprofit legal services corporation, CILS provides legal assistance to the rural poor. Two, three-year positions on the board, which meets four times a year, will be open starting Sept. 1. More information on CILS can be found at Eligible applicants must be State Bar members, support the purposes of the Legal Services Corporation Act and must be interested in delivering quality legal services to the poor.
  • California Rural Legal Assistance: CRLA is recruiting for two vacancies for two-year terms. More information on the organization, which advocates for economic justice and human rights on behalf of California's rural poor, can be found at
  • Legal Aid Society of Orange County and Community Legal Services in Southeast Los Angeles County: LASOC/CLS is seeking applicants for a three-year term. Applicants must practice or reside in the area served by LASOC/CLS. More information about the organization can be found at
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles: A three-year position on the board of LAFLA will be available starting July 1. The organization provides legal assistance to the poor and its board meets at least four times a year. Applicants should have a knowledge and interest in the delivery of legal services to the poor and can expect to spend considerable time raising funds for the organization. For more information on LAFLA, go to its website,

Attorneys interested in any of the appointments should send a letter stating the reasons that they want to serve, and a resume highlighting their professional experience and community activity to:  Sarah Lindsey Chanrasmi, State Bar of California, Office of Legal Services, 180 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105 or  Applications will be reviewed by and recommendations will be solicited from the respective boards of directors.

Questions can be directed to 415-538-2534. The deadline for applications to all four legal services boards is Friday, May 24.


The State Bar of California is an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court, serving the public and seeking to improve the justice system for more than 80 years. All lawyers practicing law in California must be members of the State Bar. By April 2013, membership reached 242,000.