Ordering online

Order your Certificate of Standing online

Ordering online is the fastest way to get your certificate. Order your Certificate of Standing online if you:

  • wish to order a certificate (standard, notarized, and/or complaint check certificate) for only one member of the State Bar of California, AND
  • will pay online by either a VISA or MasterCard with a U.S. billing address

California Supreme Court Certificate of Standing

Some jurisdictions (such as the U.S. Supreme Court) require a certificate from the California Supreme Court. The requesting entity will usually use the term, “a certificate from the highest court you are a member of,” or indicate “not from The State Bar.” These are obtained directly from the Court with a written request and a fee of $1 (dollar bill or check payable to Clerk of the Supreme Court of California).  Send your request, payment and self-addressed stamped envelope to:

California Supreme Court
350 McAllister St., Rm 1295
San Francisco, CA 94102

General guidelines

  • For a $25 fee, you may request up to a maximum of 3 certificates per member, in any combination as listed below. Certificates cannot be faxed, but will usually be sent out within 3 business days of receipt of your request (regardless of shipping method selected).

  • Please do not send duplicate requests by different methods (online/fax/mail/email). 

  • If you choose to pick up your completed certificates (available only in San Francisco), please do not come for them until we advise they are ready.

  • If paying by check, add any requested UPS shipping charge ($15 Domestic or $30 International) to the total amount paid the State Bar.  Don’t send a separate check for shipping.

Important notes for filling out the Certificate of Standing online application
Please have your credit card ready when starting to place your order.

Once you click “Make Payment,” you will leave the State Bar website and enter the U.S. Bank’s payment site. Please complete your order without delay. For security purposes, the payment site may time out due to inactivity and you will have to  fill out the application again.

When entering your credit card payment information, under “Contact Information,” enter the name and contact information of the person placing the order.

For questions or technical problems, call the State Bar Member Services Center at 888-800-3400.

Print orders

Submit a print order if you:

  • wish to order certificates for multiple attorneys, without entering each separately online,
  • will pay with a VISA or MasterCard with a non-U.S. billing address
  • will pay by check 

Download, print, and complete our Certificate of Standing Request Form.

Three types of certificates available

  • Standard Certificate of Standing (most commonly required by other jurisdictions or employers)

Includes member’s full name, bar number, and date of admission, plus any name changes, status changes (Inactive, Not Eligible, etc.), administrative actions, reportable actions, and disciplinary history.

  • Foreign (non-U.S.) Jurisdiction Certificate of Standing Requiring Notarization (rarely required)

This is a standard Certificate of Standing that is notarized, as is occasionally required by foreign country jurisdictions but NOT by U.S. state bars or supreme courts. You DO NOT need a separate notarized certificate to accompany a complaint check or standard certificate to another U.S. state bar or supreme court.  Please allow slightly longer processing time for certificates requiring notarization.

You are responsible for payment of notary fees of $10 for each certificate to be notarized.  If you are ordering online, your charges will be calculated to include any notary fee. If you send a request form with a check covering the certificate fee and any requested UPS shipping charge, please include a separate money order or cashier’s check made payable to “The UPS Store” for the total notary fee(s) for your order.

  • Complaint Check Certificate of Standing (order only if it is specifically required by another jurisdiction)

This is a standard Certificate of Standing with the addition of any confidential complaint (also called “grievance”) information that may have been filed against you.  This information might be required if you are applying for admission to another jurisdiction.

Important notes: A Complaint Check Certificate already contains a standard Certificate of Standing. It does NOT need a separate standard or notarized Certificate of Standing to accompany it and when sent to another U.S. jurisdiction, it does NOT require notarization.

A complaint check certificate of standing may only be requested by the member who is the subject of the complaint check, and will be released only with his/her signed authorization and accompanying proof of identification (bar card, DMV driver’s license or ID card, or passport). Here are additional instructions:

  • For online orders, download the authorization form as instructed at the ordering site.
  • For orders using the Certificate Request form, authorize the release of your complaint check information by signing the form on the designated line.
  • Be sure to return your authorization form or request form accompanied by the copy of your identification document.

The complaint check certificate may be sent only to another state bar or supreme court, or to the address of record at the State Bar of the member who is the subject of the complaint check.  Please indicate the recipient and address on the request form or authorization form and allow extra processing time for a complaint check certificate.  

For additional questions about the procedure for obtaining State Bar Certificates of Standing, contact the Member Services Center at 888-800-3400, or