Limited Liability PartnershipS (LLP)

The State Bar of California's Limited Liability Partnership program certifies professional partnerships to allow partners to limit their vicarious liability for the acts tortious or otherwise of their partners and employees in accordance with statutes and the State Bar's Limited Liability Partnership Rules and Regulations. Currently, there are approximately 2,700 certified limited liability partnerships. The program has been in operation since January 1996.

Limited Liability Partnership Program
The State Bar of California
180 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Processing time
If your application is incomplete, we will notify you. Returning the completed forms to our office quickly will speed up the registration process.

Effective date of registration
Your registration date with the State Bar will be the date your complete application is received in our office.

When your application is complete and correct, we will mail you a Certificate of Registration as a Limited Liability Partnership.

Name change

Rule 11.0 of the Limited Liability Partnership Rules and Regulations of the State Bar requires LLPs to report any change of name to the State Bar within 45 days of the change. If your LLP has had a change of name, please forward the following two items:

There is no fee to request a name change for your LLP from the State Bar of California.

After we receive the forms, your file will be reviewed and after processing, a Certificate of Registration will be issued to the LLP with the new name.