88th Annual Meeting of The State Bar of California
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The State Bar of California 88th Annual Meeting
October 8-11, 2015
Anaheim, California

Courses are noted as Basic/Practical Skills Course, or Advanced Course, or Recent Developments Course. Follow the links to find where the course fall in the schedule of events, and to read the description.

Advanced Courses

Program 6

Finding Coverage: Practical Tips on Locating Insurance for Your Practice

Program 7

A National Survey of Social Media Issues Impacting Lawyers: More Problems on the Horizon Here?

Program 12

Local Public Entity Employee Discipline, Discharge and Procedure: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Program 17

Navigating Minefields in Fee Disputes: It's Not Just About Fees!

Program 19

Mastering Employment Mediations

Program 30

The Post-Evidentiary, Pre-Appeal Phase of a Family Law Case

Program 35

Advanced Neurological Issues in Workers’ Compensation

Program 39

Dealing with Difficult Clients in Your Law Practice

Program 40

CEQA Compliance Timing: Judicial Treatment of "Pre-Commitment" Since Save Tara

Program 42

International Law: EB-5 Immigrant Investor Update

Program 48

Tricky Billing Issues: It’s Not Easy Making Green in a Busy Law Firm

Program 60

Appeals: That’s Not How We Do It In This Court

Program 64

Ethics for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer

Program 69

Risky Business: Privacy Law in the Digital Age

Program 70

Blurred Lines Between Social Media and Attorney Advertising: Connecting Ethically

Program 71

Petitions for Review in the California Supreme Court

Program 74

Navigating the Process: Best Practices in Clearing, Filing & Managing Trademarks

Program 80

Insights from the Battlefield: Advanced Trial and Class Action Practice

Program 82

Improve your Mediation Skills

Program 84

Communications with/Concerning Dissatisfied Clients:  Rules of Confidentiality and Privilege?

Program 85

Ethics of Getting Your Legal Fees Paid

Program 88

Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame Series:  Closing Argument

Program 93

Achieving Diversity in Higher Education and the Legal Profession

Program 95

When Three is Not A Crowd: Multi-Parent Families

Program 97

How to Find and Use Evidence Among Large E-discovery Projects

Program 100

Protect Your Online Reputation While Ethically Using Social Media

Program 104

Appeals: Write Right . . . Brief Brief Writing

Program 105

Domestic Violence in the New Era

Program 106

International Law: Protecting Clients Trademark Rights Worldwide

Program 113

Litigating Private Attorney General Act Claims in the Aftermath of Supreme Court Decisions

Program 115

Addressing the Needs of Persons with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System

Program 116

Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change: A Regulatory System Comes of Age

Program 118

Bullet-Proof Deposition Preparation Techniques for the Plaintiff Employee

Program 120

Advanced Civil and Criminal Writ Practice in the California Court of Appeal

Program 121

Cyber Principles for Attorneys


Basic / Practical Skills Courses

Program 1

Super Google and Beyond: Conducting Legal and Investigative Research

Program 2

Delights, Diversions, and Discriminations: The Bias and Business of Show Business

Program 3

Ethical Issues and Pitfalls for Non-Profit Boards and their Advisors

Program 4

Strict Mediation Confidentiality? Not So Fast!

Program 5

It's All About The Record: Protecting And Presenting The Record On Appeal

Program 8

Competence Issues: Coping with the Unique Challenges of Legal Practice

Program 9

50 Shades of “Brady”: DA Discovery Obligations and Sanctions for Violations

Program 10

Understanding Attorney Client Trust Accounts

Program 11

Examining Opening Statement Strategies for Plaintiffs and Defense Attorneys      

Program 13

Legal Issues for California Domestic Violence Shelters and Youth Shelters

Program 14

Basic Legal Skills Necessary for Advising Clients Doing Business Online

Program 18

Aerospace, Defense and Export Controls: A Regulatory Minefield

Program 20

Competency and  Consciousness Through Mindfulness

Program 22

Introducing Social Media into Evidence

Program 23

Overview of Tax Issues that Arise in Bankruptcy   

Program 25

When Deals Go Bad: Drafting Contracts with Litigation in Mind

Program 26

Is the Lid Off?  Crafting an Effective Insurance Policy Limit

Program 27

Avoid the Void:  Considerations in Billing Your Law Firm's Clients

Program 31

Employment Investigations Basics: Ethics, Bias Avoidance and Interviewing Skills (Part I)

Program 32

What Do You Mean You're Not My Client?

Program 33

Limited Scope Representation in Bankruptcy and Consumer Law

Program 34

Estate Planning to Avoid Litigation: Strategies to Turn What May Seem Inevitable to Avoidable

Program 36

Bankruptcy Appellate Practice

Program 38

Tackling Emotion in Mediation: Tips for Dealing with People in Conflict

Program 43

Employment Investigations Basics: Ethics, Bias Avoidance and Interviewing Skills (Part II)

Program 44

Real Property Law: The Pros and Cons of Using Standard Residential and Commercial Leases

Program 45

The "Guide to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Counsel"

Program 46

Workers’ Compensation Trial Practice: Putting Forth Your Best Case

Program 47

Practical Tips for Negotiating Commercial Leases for Franchise Locations

Program 49

Walk the Walk: Identifying and Eliminating Bias in the Workplace

Program 50

Courtroom Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts from the Judicial Perspective

Program 53

Public Law: Protecting Your Agency's Employees from Threats and Harassment

Program 54

Real Estate/Mortgage Issues: Dodd Frank Act

Program 55

Partnership Tax Nuts & Bolts: Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Forming Partnerships and LLCs

Program 56

Understanding the Remedies Available for Financial Elder Abuse

Program 58

Antitrust, Privacy and Unfair Competition Law 101

Program 63

Sometimes It Takes Just One: Know Where Your Insurance Policy Takes You If A Claim Is Made

Program 65

Ethics for Criminal Law Attorneys

Program 66

Intellectual Property Law: Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets

Program 67

Competence Issues: Coping with the Unique Challenges of Legal Practice

Program 68

Public Law: Handling Contractor Claims on Public Works Construction Projects

Program 72

Client Threatening to Sue: Best Practices for Mitigating Your Exposure

Program 73

Fracking Law 101

Program 77

You Be The Judge

Program 78

Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame Series: Voir Dire

Program 79

Effective Representation with IRS Tax Collection

Program 83

Access Issues in Federal Court:  Language, Indigency, and Elimination of Bias

Program 86

Intellectual Property for Non-IP Attorneys: Spotting and Dealing With IP Issues

Program 87

Honing Your Client Intake Skills to Avoid Practice Challenges

Program 90

10 Things Non-Condemnation Lawyers Should Know About Eminent Domain

Program 91

Get the Most Out of Mediation: Prepare for and Use Mediation Effectively

Program 99

Evolution of Easements in California and the Rise of the Equitable Easement

Program 108

Using Judicial Council Forms Correctly in a Probate Proceeding

Program 109

Ethics and Social Media:  Cybersleuthing, Predatory Friending and More

Program 111

Basics and New Developments in Intellectual Property Law

Program 112

The Dark Side:  Why Lawyers Do Bad Things -- An Encore

Program 114

Insurance 101: Key Concepts of Insurance

Program 117

Dealing with Children Who Resist Contact with a Parent

Program 119

Rule 3-110 and Substance Abuse:  A Judicial Perspective

Program 122

In Limine Motions: When Before You Begin Trial

Program 123

Management Tools to Create Effective Law Office Employees

Program 126

Divorce and Taxes (Death is Less Bothersome)


Recent Developments Courses

Program 15

Recent Developments in Federal and California Securities Laws

Program 16

California Language Access Plan: Language Barriers Preventing Access to Justice

Program 21

Converting Public Housing to Private Ownership Under the HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration Program

Program 24

Medi-Cal Long Term Care:  Estate Planning Strategies Under New and Proposed Regulations

Program 28

Ethics Update 2015: Significant Developments in the Law of Lawyering

Program 29

Elimination of Bias in Jury Selection: Wheeler/Batson/Lenix in the Courtroom

Program 37

Debt Collection In The Age Of Technology And The CFPB

Program 41

Lions, Tigers & Friends: Social Media Case Law Review

Program 51

Recent Developments in Family Law

Program 52

Unaccompanied Minors: An International Law Approach to the Humanitarian Crisis at the U.S. Border

Program 57 

Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Update

Program 61

2015 Update on Healthcare Reform

Program 62

Top Ten Things that Put Lawyers in Hot Water

Program 75

Intellectual Property Law: Hot Topics in Data Protection

Program 81

Ninth Circuit & Supreme Court Bankruptcy Year in Review

Program 89

Current Ethical Issues for In-House and Outside Counsel

Program 92

The Past Year in Review:  Recent Developments in the Law of Lawyering

Program 94

Kids Kaught Up in the Kourtroom: Trends in Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency Practices

Program 96

The Year In Review: An Overview of Recent Employment Law Cases

Program 98

Overview and Current Developments to Open Meetings Law

Program 101

Recent Developments in Trust and Estates Law

Program 102

Recent Developments in Privacy and Data Security Law

Program 103

Arbitration 2015:  The Biggest Issues in Arbitration Today

Program 107

In My Opinion: A Review of the Latest Technology Rules to Protect Attorney & Client Confidentiality

Program 110

Developments in Public Law and State Bar Ethics

Program 124

Recent Developments in Constitutional Law

Program 125

Stop! I have a Restraining Order -- I Still Love You!